Queer Conservative

About Me

I’m a guy in my thirties living on a true blue island in a very red state. Formerly an avid liberal back when the center of my personal universe was being “gay,” I gradually grew up and became more conservative throughout the 1990’s calling myself a “libertarian,” only to have a bucket of ice-cold reality thrown on me on 9/11. I realized then that I had another closet to come out of – the conservative one. I’ve lost more friends since opening that closet door than I ever did by coming out as gay. Shattering people’s perceptions of you is usually a messy business. The name of this blog reflects more on my political identity than my sexual orientation. Let me tell you – being conservative is considered the very definition of “queer” in the gay universe. The mainstream gay political establishment has no room for diverse opinion and will set upon dissenters like a pack of wild dogs – because god forbid someone define themselves without wrapping up in the rainbow flag.


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